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April 23rd, 2019


ZX Electric - Tricyclic

No band was a better sonic representation of the isolation and fear of the late '70s/early '80s than the Young Marble Giants. Everyone knows this though; I can hardly go digging through their tiny back catalogue and tell you of the amazing obscurities on offer. If by some chance you don't know this, just ignore everything else today and go listen.

So ZX Electric are a callback to that music in two ways: the consumer product name (only ever equallyed by the local and much forgotten Casio Viletones), and the haunting and lonely electronics. ZX Electric is the work of Ben Mawdsley. While I can't honestly recommend his singing voice (that emoting turns me right off) Tricyclic from the album Fixed Unknown (2014) is like a refreshing glass of haunted water. Strummed guitar and clean waveforms seldom sounded lonelier.

ZX Electric - Tricyclic