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May 4th, 2019


The Fall - Who Makes The Nazis?

Going to be self-indulgent and post the Fall's Peel session version of Who Makes The Nazis? today. It's for no other reason than the impact it made on me hearing it at the time. The riff is played on a toy guitar, and I'd never encountered anything like it before. For the first time I heard music that I was actually financially able to emulate. In fact, I was fairly sure my kid brother had the exact guitar buried at the back of his wardrobe. It was a nylon-stringed uke with only two real strings. Each was looped around the bridge and fed back up the neck, with the loose ends going through a peg each. As such it was impossible to keep in tune, and it had been summarily dismissed. But over the radio I heard for the first time how that weakness could become - if not exactly a strength - then certainly an interesting artistic effect. I've been making do ever since.

The Fall - Who Makes The Nazis?