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May 8th, 2019


Blyth Power - God Has Gone Wrong Again

I always loved the folk punk act Blyth Power. Loved the depth of history in their lyrics, loved their tunes, loved their attitude. Followed them for years, even as I got frustrated at the way they would re-use bits of old songs on new albums, or even just completely re-record things. I get the impulse to improve on the past, especially for a band with their concerns. Also I think publishers kept nicking their back catalogue from them, which must have really fucking stung. Still as a listener I'd get frustrated and want something entirely new. But then I'm the kind of guy who picks a different piece of music every day for years and writes about it, which I realise is not an entirely typical relationship with music.

Here's an old favourite. They recorded God Has Gone Wrong Again at least twice, but this 27 second a cappella version from Wicked Men, Wicked Women and Wicket Keepers (1986) is just about perfect. It sounds like a lost fragment from a heretical hymnal.

Blyth Power - God Has Gone Wrong Again