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May 10th, 2019


Tatsuya Nakamura - Song of "Pat"

Song of Pat (1976) is a great album of spiritual free jazz. Most of it is played as a quartet, but the title track is just Nakamura on drums and Richard Davis on bass. It's a deeply felt piece of music. I don't know how much was written and how much improvised, but it's the sort of performance that sounds like both guys were absolutely in the moment.

Nakamura is a pretty versatile drummer, but it's Davis' bass that really shines here. He was one hard working musician - you can hear him on hundreds of records from the '50s through to the '90s, and is probably best known for playing on Astral Weeks and Louis Armstrong's version of What A Wonderful World. It's great getting a chance to really break free, and his harsh high arco on today's track gets contrasted with some of the sweetest melodicism you've ever heard. When they fly loose it's great, but when they're restrained and give you time to hear them create it's amazing.

Tatsuya Nakamura - Song of "Pat"