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May 15th, 2019


Otomo Yoshihide - Nintendo

Here's a track from Otomo Yoshihide's singular 1993 release The Night Before the Death of the Sampling Virus. It's 77 tracks of dense audio cut-ups, designed to be played using the new technology of CD shuffle play. Even better, form a listening party with your friends, each with a CD player and copy of the disc. Play everything at once.

Each track is named after a different technology brand, and each is centred around sung or spoken word sources. Nintendo's is both stern and angry, but also hidden beneath an atonal bass that sounds very much like a specific kind of radio interference. Between the voices and the uncertain structural nature of the other sound this fragment has a very distinct tension. Difficult and uncompromising stuff, though far less sonically challenging that some of Yoshihide's output.

Otomo Yoshihide - Nintendo