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May 16th, 2019


Drinks - Corner Shops

Of all the bands to feature former members of The Fall, Drinks must be one of the best. Tim Presley provided guitar on Reformation Post TLC, a not especially successful release from 2007. Cut loose from Mark E Smith's apron strings he proves to be a far more interesting musician. In Drinks he teams up with Cate le Bon to make songs of sublime difference. If all it took to do this was to untether yourself from pop culture and forget everything you thought you knew about music everyone would be doing it. No, they've tapped into something far more distinctive, a sort of breezy atonal post-punk with guitars that plink and vocals that treat the world as a source of constant curiosity.

Corner Shops comes from the 2018 album Hippo Lite. It loves its abrasive self, and is so confident that you will too that the smile never leaves its face.

Drinks - Corner Shops