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May 18th, 2019


Volcano The Bear - Spurius Raga

You can always rely on Volcano The Bear to bring you something you weren't expecting. Leicester's finest experimental rock quartet are known for their strong sense of theatre and love of spontaneity. Old songs wear out quickly and they need long fallow periods between bursts of creative activity. It's been 7 years since their last album, the 2012 release Golden Rhythm / Ink Music, but hopefully that's just them forgetting how much they resent each other and they'll be back soon.

From that album comes the glorious martial clash of Spurius Raga. It starts woozy and discordant, before a warm wet splash of sound that brings to mind a tambura. This is something that recurs throughout the intro, rescuing us each time from a particularly painful phase of dissonance. Excepting some drum parts it's not really raga-like, but when the swirl and the chaos meet each other in abandon it doesn't need to be. Joyfully imperfect.

Volcano The Bear - Spurius Raga