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June 19th, 2019


Charming Hostess - Iron Man

I've long been a fan of Jewlia Eisenberg and her nerdy-sexy-commie-girlie crew Charming Hostess. It's not just that she's one of the great voices of today, it's the wisdom, the soaring harmonies, and the defiantly unglamorous subversion. Expect music made from ancient Babylonian pottery texts, Diasporaic musical traditions, death metal, country and western, eastern European scales... and apparently also expect covers of Black Sabbath played on gamelan.

Iron Man comes from the compilation Undercover Presents Paranoid (A Tribute to Black Sabbath). It has all of the weight and stateliness of the original but finds its soundscape within physical metal. It becomes ritual music, the band a Greek chorus creating a rite of transformation. Metal enough for you?

Charming Hostess - Iron Man