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June 23rd, 2019


Gastr del Sol - Blues Subtitled No Sense Of Wonder

Blues Subtitled No Sense Of Wonder is a abstrusely melancholic late period song from David Grubbs and the Gastr del Sol boys. It's from their 1998 album Camoufleur by which time they were starting to sound less wilfully difficult, but it still embraces the tonally unexpected. It's still not comfortable music: alarm bells ring throughout, strange sonic artefacts emerge to bracket each phrase. And then halfway through it suddenly blooms like a desert flower: rich and warm, throwing all those early atonalities into perspective. A keyboard coda does the same thing: dry and awkward phrases find a peaceful resolution with the aid of some of the aleatory sounds from the very beginning. It feels mournful and wise, and anyone who suggests that there's no sense of wonder in this song then is dead wrong.

Gastr del Sol - Blues Subtitled No Sense Of Wonder