July 17th, 2019


Jan Jelinek & Asuna - Blinking Of Countless Lines

I'll admit I still think of Jan Jelinek as the Loop-finding-jazz guy. Since those early days though his work has steered towards rather more experimental waters. His 2019 album with Asuna, Signals Bulletin, is a clear example of this. It's based around the lengthy drones that Asuna creates by taping down his organ keys with Jelinek building upon these with a host of tiny, discreet noises. It an album full of ominous clatters and rustles, startling interjections and half-heard note clusters.

The final track however is rather more cohesive. Blinking of Countless Lines sees the two working together, their drones crossing and beat phasing. It's heavy, dense sound, oppressively humid like a sweat fog. Ever so slowly it transforms, an inner light pushing out from the thickness and rising above it, and the wind finally arrives to clear the air. Just a great way to end a set.

Jan Jelinek & Asuna - Blinking Of Countless Lines