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July 19th, 2019


"Blue" Gene Tyranny - She Wore Red Shoes

Back in the 1960s "Blue" Gene Tryanny played alongside Iggy Pop in the Prime Movers Blues Band. That and a brief spell playing keys in The Stooges was as close to the mainstream as the man ever got, spending most of his performance career working with Robert Ashley. With those sort of gallery credentials you might expect his work to be inaccessible, but it's anything but. She Wore Red Shoes is taken from his 2012 release Detours. A muted guitar provides a low key shufflebeat and the notes fall from Tyranny's fingers like so many raindrops. It's inspired by contemporary dance, and maybe you won't feel this in your legs but I guarantee it'll get you in your hands. Elegant, romantic, experimental, physical.

"Blue" Gene Tyranny - She Wore Red Shoes