August 8th, 2019


Robert Dick and Adam Caine - Short Term Memory

We've enjoyed the music of experimental flautist Robert Dick before here at Doklands. His album of solo contrabass flute works Our Cells Know is very much our sort of thing, but in no way prepared us for the shock that is Short Term Memory from the album The Damn Think (2019). It's a collaboration with guitarist Adam Caine that spits with invention and fury at every single moment.

It's also the sort of music that can clear a room faster than a canister of pepper spray, so treat with caution.

Short Term Memory has extravagent Phil Minton-esque vocalese, savage amplification, dirty static, graffitic sonic scrawling and yes, a flute. Diabolically intense and seldom pleasant, it's still utterly captivating and absorbing music, and an album to return to again and again.

Robert Dick and Adam Caine - Short Term Memory