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August 10th, 2019


Sarathy Korwar (feat. Delhi Sultanate & Prabh Deep) - Coolie

If like me you're mostly familiar with Sarathy Korwar from his album My East Is Your West, you're going to be surprised by his latest offering. Gone is the spiritual jazz and in comes the subcontinent hip hop. More Arriving (2019) is forward, irreverent and refreshingly satirical. Playing on gammon-flavoured fears of immigration, he works with a wide variety of Indian voices. On Coolie that's Punjabi rapper Prabh Deep and MC Delhi Sultanate. It's a real group performance though: Korwar's percussion might kick this into life but in no way dominates, and the offbeat barking sax from Emanative's Tamar Osborn is just about perfect. Busy as hell, but great with it.

Sarathy Korwar (feat. Delhi Sultanate & Prabh Deep) - Coolie