August 13th, 2019


People Like Us - Driving Flying Rising Falling

Is travel a luxury we can afford? It's been said that the first great emancipation of the working classes came when they were no longer tied to labouring on the lands which sustained them, beholden to the land owners. It's been said, and clearly also been forgotten, for why else would a people vote to restrict their own ability to do that? Brexit revealed a nation of freemen wanting to be villeins again.

As travel has lost its glamour perhaps we have forgotten its value, and perhaps only very lately understood its environmental cost. But in the world of People Like Us it is always the late 1960s. We're always in the living room with Radio 2 playing in the background and the smell of the chip pan wafting through from the kitchen. We're dreaming of somewhere else, anywhere else away from all this tedium. The music is at once our ticket out of here and the very dreary ticket back home.

The sources of Vicki Bennett's musical collages are at once transportative and utterly banal. Driving Flying Rising Falling comes from her 2011 release Welcome Abroad, and it's a night time medley of Blue Moon, Downtown and more. Everything's crammed together: a red triangular peg can go in a red circular hole because the colour is right, dissonance be damned. And maybe that's the trick to repolish some of the original glitz. The music's not going to catch the light without a few rough edges to sparkle. Here at Doklands we've long loved the playfulness of Bennett's work and the adept way she straddles cultural references, and sometimes it's easy to forget just how good her ear for a mix really is.

People Like Us - Driving Flying Rising Falling