August 15th, 2019


Unknown - The Cowboy In Me

We're all very aware these days on the perils of sharing personal information online. It's almost as if those privacy-minded geeks who created the previous iterations of the modern net might have known what they were on about. It wasn't enough though to stop the less well-informed net users from making all sorts of things available.

Back when Napster and Audiogalaxy were still things, it was soon discovered that in addition to their mp3 libraries, some users were also sharing home recordings. There was a piece of software that by default saved everything recorded with a microphone as "mic in track - XXXXXX.mp3" and those of us in the know descended on these in the search of inadvertent gems. If you know where to look you can still find collections of these floating around, and at their best they're fascinating glimpses into other lives. At their worst, they're just children sticking microphones in their mouths and shouting, but hey, everyone's artistic journey has to begin somewhere I guess. Here's an unusually complete recording from my collection, an unknown guy singing along to Tim McGraw's The Cowboy In Me.

Unknown - The Cowboy In Me