August 19th, 2019


Nanine - Souie Baby Souie

I've only every known one pig. It would happily trot towards me every time it saw me and then try to eat whatever footwear I had. It wasn't trying to take a bite, more a sort of friendly nibble. My parents thought it hilarious and encouraged this kind of thing. Whatever the case, it certainly didn't need calling.

I've never understood pig calling, but apparently people compete to see who's best at it. I'd always assumed it was one of those fake activities that closed communities connived in to make the rest of the world think were serious competitions, like gurning or bog trotting or baseball. I mean, if you've got a room of people all saying "pig sooey" at each other they're either taking the piss or they've all had strokes.

Anyway, here's Nanine to show us how it's done. Souie Baby Souie is a 1964 novelty single, and I doubt you'll ever need to listen to it more than once. Let's just say that it has a jaw harp solo and leave it at that. Forever.

Nanine - Souie Baby Souie