November 1st, 2019


David Borden - Esty Point, Summer 1978

David Borden was the founder of... no I can't bring myself to type the words. Gotta steel myself, gotta get the old cut and paste fingers working again, it's easier if I don't have to hit those keys. David Borden was the founder of Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company. Look, I know they were an important early synth group. I know they were among the first to play composers such as Glass, Reich and Riley. But that's a diabolically awful name and there's no way in hell anyone should ever be allowed to forget it.

By the time 1981 arrived, Mother Mallard were long gone, and Borden released his first album of solo works. The functionally titled Music for Amplified Keyboard Instruments is part Tangerine Dream, part classic minimalism. Here's the opening track, Esty Point, Summer 1978, which seems to be progressing with a calm and hypnotic logic until some bizarre modulations send it off into the sinister.

David Borden - Esty Point, Summer 1978