November 9th, 2019


Sunwatchers - Greeneyed Pigmen (Get The Blade)

At first sight most people peg zombie pigmen for monsters. Not trying to excuse this sort of false assumption, but it's an easy mistake to make, what with their exposed ribcages and indecipherable grunts. Truth is they're a peaceful people, happy to wander aimlessly about the nether. They can be seen dancing around the lava falls and rolling playfully in patches of the indigenous netherwort fungus. In adulthood their eyes have become monochrome, but the young retain their natural green pigment into adolescence when they start to instead carry their ceremonial golden swords.

The precise details of this coming of age ritual have yet to be recorded, though some clues are present in Greeneyed Pigmen (Get The Blade) from the album Illegal Moves (2019). It's unashamedly rockist, with the rest of the band laying down an extended bed for Jim McHugh's lysergic soloing. Caustic and beautiful and unafraid, and ready to give the beating of a lifetime to any fash bastard who fancies their chances against the pigmen.

Sunwatchers - Greeneyed Pigmen (Get The Blade)