November 11th, 2019


Rufus Thomas - Tiger Man (King of the Jungle)

You think you know someone. You think, oh that Rufus Thomas, a bit of a rhythm and blues pioneer sure, but all those novelty records he released were a bit hokey. Sure they were fun, but they were little more than cheese.

And then you put on his 1953 song Tiger Man (undoubtedly a novelty song) and it opens with a raw yell, pounding drums, and a guitar line that's pure Café Oto. It soon establishes a more familiar pattern but for a moment there it's as if you're listening to 75 Dollar Bill. Rufus Thomas certainly put entertainment ahead of art a lot of the time, but this is as exciting a performance as you're going to hear anywhere.

Rufus Thomas - Tiger Man (King of the Jungle)