January 12th, 2020


Pink Freud - Basscadet

Pink Freud bassist Wojtek Mazolewski is a huge Autechre fan and the man behind Pink Freud Play Autechre, an album to send chills up the spine of some jazz fans. What's that banal electronic shit doing invading their songbook? Will life ever be sane again? Where are all the solos? All vital questions, I'm sure you'll agree.

Here's the chromatic offbeat buzz of Basscadet, originally a piece of spidery techno and now something with rather more heft and menace. A lot of that is down to the space given to baritone saxophonist Karol Gola to improvise and bring disquiet and unrest to the performance. Properly threatening stuff, great fun.

Pink Freud - Basscadet