January 20th, 2020


Les Cartes Postales Sonores - Kookaburra Interferences

There's nothing like field recordings for a bit of low pressure listening. You don't need to construct any theories about them, you don't have to give them a narrative, you never need to posit any sort of motive. It's just the sound of something that happened. Well yeah, technically almost all music is just the sound of something that happened, but there's something very special about found sound. We don't normally pay them any attention, all those accidental goings-on in the world outside. Maybe we need to be more like audio biochemists, studying the genomes of all life looking for a few fascinating strands of information. How else are we going to escape the bubble of our taste, trapped inside a self-made world, never knowing what might be interesting.

And never having to discover what is actually truly boring, okay that's something as well.

Kookaburra Interferences comes from the 7th of Les Cartes Postales Sonores' albums of field recordings which investigates some of the sounds of Australia. Here the sound of a kookaburra gives way to the low hum of distant traffic, and finally the audio splatter of a modem. And that's all it is. Not art. No pressure.

Les Cartes Postales Sonores - Kookaburra Interferences