July 7th, 2020


The Clash - Justice Tonight / Kick It Over

I loved The Clash as a teenager. Not trying to claim there's anything special in that, I think it was pretty much obligatory to do so. But as the years went on they started to sound a bit iffy, their politics seeming more and more like clothes to be worn to suit the occasion. Really badly cut clothes at that. It was when one of their dreariest songs got stuck on a jeans advert that I lost all faith.

Or almost all. The Clash's cover of Willie Williams' Armagideon Time has always remained there on the mental playlist, and rightly so. Absolutely one of the top few punk/reggae crossover numbers, and a recording so on fire that they even included the studio engineer telling them to wind things up rather than try to re-record it. Justice Tonight / Kick It Over is the extended dub mix that showed up on Black Market Clash, and it's everything you want it to be. 9 minutes of Paul Simonon's bassline? Yes please.

The Clash - Justice Tonight / Kick It Over