July 8th, 2020


Jamie Harrison - Blue Prints

I am so sick and tired of being the only person I know who listens to Jamie Harrison's music. I'm also sick of how many different Jamie Harrisons there are out there, and I want mine to grow gargantuan and consume all the others. MY Jamie Harrison is the folk singer, the one who plays quirky tunes that sound as if he's trying to make all his mates laugh and cry at once. They're songs of friendship and togetherness and stupid in-jokes, and they've got this strange sense of communal intimacy about them.

Harrison recorded today's song twice, once as Blueprints from the album The Struck World And The Bad Planet (2010, great album but sound quality not all it could be) and as Blue Prints from Honesty! Fraternity! Night-Vision! (2017). That's what we'll listen to today, a song full of fluidity and propulsion. A song that threatens to fall apart, but that gets rescued, and us with it. I think it's the best thing he's ever done. He sounds so mournful and handsome and young!

Jamie Harrison - Blue Prints