July 12th, 2020


Bear Bones, Lay Low - Lord

Here at Doklands we've heard a fair bit of Ernesto Gonzales, codenamed Bear Bones, Lay Low. His 2019 release Ses Kondi might be his best yet.

A lot of his early music was based around drones, and like much of the best of that genre was all about finding the rhythms hidden inside the drone, the subtle pulsing and beating of marginal discord. The same sort of feeling is present within Lord, but in a much more exciting way. It's already very rhythmic stuff, a sort of ecstatic trance music, but what Gonzales has done here is to go deep inside the rhythm, to find the beat within the beat: not to play it, but to make you add it yourself as you hear his contribution. This is not music to be a passive bystander to, it demands your participation.

Bear Bones, Lay Low - Lord