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Steven Bernstein - Issachar

Prior to discovering Steven Issachar's Diaspora Suite album, I had only known him as the bandleader of the irreverent avant-jazz band Sex Mob. There's a world of difference between the delightfully cacophonous James Bond film cover versions of the latter and Issachar. Seeing as how Diaspora Suite was released on Tzadik records, you can probably guess the overall flavour of the music, but there's something special at work here. Issachar features Bernstein's fondness for the slow, sultry build and combines it with terrifically elongated melodic lines that are such a feature of Hasidic new wave jazz. It seems such an natural pairing. But this is anything but music by the numbers: just listen to the atmospheric complexity of this track. Excellent stuff.

Steven Bernstein - Issachar
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