Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Agnes Buen Garnås & Jan Garbarek - Margjit Og Targjei Risvollo

I'm guessing there's a gap in your record library. It's an odd-shaped hole, perhaps one that you've never noticed before. Nothing seems to fit it. Nothing, that is, except for a bit of mediaeval Norwegian folksong.

In 1987, Agnes Buen Garnås and Jan Garbarek released the sublime album Rosensfole. It took ancient Norwegian songforms and immediately placed them within the first rank of world music greats. It's all very understated, yet with a sense depth and profundity. Not being able to understand the lyrics helps, I am sure.

Here is that album's beating heart, all 16 minutes of Margjit Og Targjei Risvollo. It's a song I must have listened to a dozen times or more without ever realising its length. It's timeless in every sense of the word, not only in its mix of ancient and modern, but also it the way that every note is completely of the moment. It stops time. Watch for the way you emerge, blinking into the light as the music finally ends. Magical stuff.

Agnes Buen Garnås & Jan Garbarek - Margjit Og Targjei Risvollo
(alternate download)

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