Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Notsensibles - (I'm In Love With) Margaret Thatcher

They don't come any dafter than this.

Notsensibles came from a long tradition of men who enjoyed getting drunk with their mates and talking bollocks. The difference was, they did it on stage. (I'm In Love With) Margaret Thatcher is a stupid, stupid singalong classic from a band who epitomised the spirit of punk. Punk wasn't about dressing up on the Kings Road. Punk was about hiring a working mens' club for a gig, rehearsing all of your songs at half speed so that the management didn't get suspicious, and then going full tilt when the bingo-playing regulars were joined by a hundred or so pogoing teenagers. It was pool hall punk, anarchy for the allotments, municipal park mayhem. This is their most famous track, a song so terrible it's somehow great. You'll love it.

Notsensibles - (I'm In Love With) Margaret Thatcher
(alternate download)
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