Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Burton Greene - Heart-Shaped Box

Ha! Is there anyone on this planet better to troll than a precious Nirvana fan? You have to love them, and all their funny little ways. Love them hard. Or is it slap? I forget. I mean, this solo piano version of Heart-Shaped Box is good - very good, actually, it's a strong tune played particularly well - but it's made so much sweeter by the knowledge that somewhere, some knuckle-dragging pseud is personally affronted by it. A jazz version of a Nirvana song? It's a betrayal of everything they stood for.

Personally, I feel lucky in that I was able to stop listening to Nirvana before they had their first hit. I had heard Bleach rather too many times1 and given up on them as being derivative and tedious. I didn't hate them. I didn't campaign against them. They went on to write some good tunes. But believe me when I say that Heart-Shaped Box is improved immeasurably by its transformation into an instrumental piece. Have you heard the lyrics? "I've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap." "Throw down your umbilical noose so I can climb right back." You can't tell if they're more hateful than ludicrous, or more ludicrous than hateful. So points to Burton Greene there.

This is taken from a delightfully inappropriate album called A Cocktail Tribute to Nirvana. To be honest, I suspect it's that title that has the Nirvana fans up in arms about this. More fool them. Greene is no lounge player. He's another alumnus of ESP-Disk, had a bit of a spell in the wilderness doing new age stuff, and was at the forefront of the wave of klezmer jazz. It's as if the album was released with satirical intent, but the producer forgot to tell Greene. His performance is anything but ironic. He's playing this from the inside out.

1. Once or twice

Burton Greene - Heart-Shaped Box
(alternate download)
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