Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

David Shrigley - Don'ts

I am strict when it comes to apostrophes, perhaps too strict. There are those who think it acceptable to use them when pluralising abbreviations. They will happily write about "CD's", but not I. Additionally, I refuse to succumb to the modern practice of referring to decades using terms such as "70's" or "90's". There is a place for an apostrophe in these, just not where it is commonly used. For years I have been trying to shift the apostrophe to the front, so that it becomes an apostrophe of omission; the '70s or '90s. Looks better, doesn't it? That's the chink in the grocer's armour. Get people using it there, and eventually we'll be free of plural apostrophe terms altogether.

I have no qualms about David Shrigley's use of the apostrophe. Thinking about it, I don't have any qualms about Shrigley full stop. Taken from his 2006 album Shrigley Forced To Speak With Others, Don'ts is his list of advice for the cognitively challenged. The music may be as naive and crude as his pen drawings, but listening to this is time well spent. The next time a one-handed man suggests that you catch his metal frisbee, you will know precisely what to do. David Shrigley's world is better than our current one. Let's make it a little more real.

David Shrigley - Don'ts
(alternate download)
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