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Tim Minchin - The Pope Song

The Pope Song opens with a density of fucks unparalleled in modern song. And with good reason. It's not unusual for our political leaders to be responsible for some pretty despicable crimes. You're up against some serious competition in the vile and evil stakes. I'm not sure how your moral compass is calibrated. Personally, I'm unsure of the precise ranking of being personally responsible for helping thousands of paedophiles escape criminal sanction. It's clearly below the slaughter of millions, but how does it compare with eating the livers of your political opponents? But that's not really the point. The point is that after doing all of this shit, very few of them then try to pass themselves off as some sort of paragon of morality. (Tony Blair excepted, obviously.) And that appears to be Tim Minchin's beef with The Pope, and to be fair he's got a pretty fucking good point.

Ratzinger arrives in the UK on Thursday. Word is, this is going to be the unofficial soundtrack of his visit.

Tim Minchin - The Pope Song
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