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Syd Barrett - Gigolo Aunt

I promised you tunes, and tunes you shall have.

My first exposure to Gigolo Aunt must have happened at an early age, yet I have no idea how. It wasn't a single. The album it was from, Barrett's 1970 release Barrett, wasn't exactly popular. And yet it's a song I can remember singing throughout much of my childhood. How? Why? I am genuinely curious, you guys. I did the same with Bowie's Jean Genie, and for years thought this must have been another Bowie track. But enough about me.


Okay, turns out I actually like talking about myself. Who would have guessed? Anyway, what I'd really like to know is just how many times someone has to hear this song before they end up singing it for years. It would help. With my studies. Yes.

Syd Barrett - Gigolo Aunt
(alternate download)