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Adam Buxton - The Star Trek Song

Fuck me, is that the time?

Okay, just a quickie tonight. I think this was Adam Buxton's first ever TV appearance. If memory serves me right, it was from the pilot of a late night Channel 4 show called Takeover TV. Even among the home videos and public access oddness, it stood out, and Buxton went on to host the rest of the series. It is a song about Worf and Jean-Luc Picard as sung by a rather tragic fan with social problems. You've got to see it in context, amongst all the fake profundity and contrived scenarios. The idea that this man would decide it was a good idea to record himself singing on a cheap keyboard and then send it in to some "cutting edge" TV show would have been good enough, but on top of that it's one of the most irratitingly catchy tunes you'll ever hear. Rather odd, but dreadfully funny.

Adam Buxton - The Star Trek Song
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