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Keijo - Landing Here

Apparently there's a rule somewhere that states that if you're an experimental Finnish rock musician, you must have been influenced by Keijo Virtanen. Sounds tough I know, and it's one hell of a state of affairs, but at least as far as causal factors go it's only necessary and not sufficient. I mean, if everyone who'd ever been influenced by Keijo went on to be an experimental Finnish rock musician we'd be a right old mess. And it would be one hell of a responsibility for the poor sod.

Here's something from his 2007 album Whose Dream We Live In. Landing Here is a piece for steel guitar, Keijo acknowledging its place in the history of the blues. This is pulsing, loping desert music, catching the sun through layers of dust. It's pure spaghetti of course; the West as played by Morricone. The fictitious landscape crashes into the real one, and this is what emerges.

Keijo - Landing Here
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