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Valentin Silvestrov - Unsnaya Musika 2

The late 1990s saw the release of two pieces of music from very different backgrounds that had a lot in common. One was The Caretaker's Selected Memories From The Haunted Ballroom, the first record in which James Kirby conducted a musical exploration of nostalgia and memory. The other was Valentin Silvestrov's Unsnaya Musika ("The Music Speaks") did exactly the same thing. Kirby was a sparky young plunderphonic artist who liked to cause offence, Silvestrov was an ageing Russian classical composer. Both used really hammy influences: Kirby old ballroom music, Silvestrov romantic classical kitsch. The results are uncannily similar. According to Silvestrov, this piano piece is meant to sound "as if the listener's memory itself was singing this music." You know what? It really does. Extraordinary stuff.

Valentin Silvestrov - Unsnaya Musika 2
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