Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Mik Keusen's Blau - 14.0

It only took six years, but Mik Keusen's second album was released this spring. That's kind of a big deal actually, not that anyone would actually let on about it. The music is too modest, too understated for all of that. This is more Tonus music, you see, and Tonus doesn't do flamboyant and virtuosic. It doesn't like to show off.

Actually, Keusen comes closer to breaking the ascetic Tonus formula than anyone else. The usual elements are there: the minimalist structure, the deceptively complex rhythms, the cleanliness of tone. But on 14.0 you can hear him step outside the eye of the hurricane just briefly, abandoning its tranquillity to add the occasional flourish. Don't be deceived though, those are just the crests of the waves. The ocean lies underneath, and it is deep. Find this on the album Nalu.

Mik Keusen's Blau - 14.0
(alternate download)

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