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Naomi Hall - Wheat Spaghetti

I think it was Irwin Chusid who introduced Naomi Hall to the world. It was certainly on his much-missed WMFU show Incorrect Music that I first heard her, ten years ago or so. I'll admit, at first I wasn't sure. I didn't think she was the genuine article. No way was Naomi Hall a real musical outsider, it sounded as if she was trying too hard.

And yet a decade on, she is still writing and performing songs. If anything, they are richer and more strange than any of her earlier work. When a 3-dimensional object passes though a 2-d plane, the area and shape of intersection change. To a 2-d observer, this is an inexplicable phenomenon, totally against all 2 dimensional physical laws. Likewise, a hypothetical 4-dimensional object passing through our 3-d space would appear to shift and morph in front of our eyes. It is wrong, wrong, wrong, and yet the simplest of explanations will describe what is taking place. Well, I feel that's the place that Naomi Hall has reached with her music. I mean, Wheat Spaghetti is ostensibly a pop song, and yet the jerky rhythms are quite unlike anything else you'll hear. Play this once, and they'll just sound aberrant. Play it twice, and they'll start to make sense. Play it three times, and this most irregular of patterns will have superimposed itself upon your perception, and you'll be hearing it at any and every opportunity. This rhythm does not behave itself. There must be a simple explanation. There must.

Naomi Hall - Wheat Spaghetti
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Wow. Naomi "Until I Drown" Hall... I'd forgotten all about her! That particular song stands out (in a totally entertaining way) for its unbridled raunchiness, but her music has always been equal parts weird and oddly catchy. I'm glad to hear that she's still at it. More power to her!