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Mahavishnu Orchestra - One Word

John McLaughlin has just celebrated his 70th birthday. At least I hope he celebrated it, he certainly deserved to. It's saying something when a musician is more famous for the work he did in his own band than he is for playing with Miles Davis on Bitches Brew. The Mahavishnu Orchestra was by no means perfect - at times the gloss sheen of prog can set your teeth on edge - but when they set themselves loose they were magnificent. One Word from the 1972 album Birds of Fire does just that. It's blisteringly fast and quite exhilarating stuff. Amazing to think that this album was a chart success. A belated happy birthday, John.

Mahavishnu Orchestra - One Word
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As I get older, Bitches Brew impresses me less and less, while Live Evil and Jack Johnson impress me more and more. Both are great McLaughlin albums.
I've never listened to Live Evil. Must give it a chance one of these days.
hell, if you haven't heard it, you should just go straight to the Cellar Door Sessions which has the live recordings from which the longer funkier abrasive stuff comes. The studio stuff is the shorter moodier ghosts-of-ballads-past stuff, mostly.