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Pat Metheny - Zero Tolerance for Silence part 1

You know what to expect with Pat Metheny. He's been doing pretty much the same thing ever since he started, jazz fusion played on a very polished-sounding guitar. It's sometimes a bit noodly and experimental, but it's mostly mellifluous and accessible. Not Zero Tolerance for Silence, his 1994 album on Geffen records. It's 40 minutes of trashing guitar noise, and is pretty much the last thing anyone expected from Metheny. Think of it as his Metal Machine Music, and you won't be far off. That was all feedback though, and this is very much music: stick around and scratch the surface and you'll find some primal blues and rock hiding in here. Here's the first 18 minutes or so. Steel yourself.

Pat Metheny - Zero Tolerance for Silence part 1