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Pharoah Sanders - Astral Travelling

The Fender Rhodes is the most famous electric piano in the world. Part of this is because it was there at the right time; one of the low numbered MIDI voices is the Rhodes piano. The other part of that is the incredible sounds it makes. Half the time they don't sound like a piano at all, shimmering and ethereal, full of tremelo.

The first time Lonnie Liston Smith got his hands on a Rhodes was in 1971 when he walked into the studio to record the album Thembi with Pharoah Sanders. While the rest of the band were unpacking their instruments, he sat down at the keyboard and started to improvise. It would become the first track on the album. Astral Travelling is exotic psychedelic jazz, full of bell-like tones and strange percussion. It's relaxing and beautiful, before those two attributes became dirty words in the hands of the new age brigade. It's like a scented bath of sound.

Pharoah Sanders - Astral Travelling
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