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Botanist - Forgotten in Nepenthes

As part of my mission to poke around the stranger borders of black metal, I am pleased to be able to present Botanist. A San Francisco-based one-man band, Botanist's take on black metal involves vocals, drums and hammered dulcimer. And nothing else.

Well, actually there's a whole lot else. There's backstory, there's mythos, there's a whole bunch of justification for the gimmick, and you don't need to know any of that. It's typical black metal bollocks but from an ecological perspective. Not nearly as interesting as the music itself. Mr Botanist is a better dulcimer player than he is a drummer, and his vocals are a flat croaked chant. But all of those bright reverberating strings on the dulcimer sound great en masse. Here's the minute-long Forgotten in Nepenthes. Since all of his song titles are based on plants, I had hoped that Nepenthes might have been the forget-me-not, which would have been clever. It's not. It's a pitcher plant, which is appropriately black metal gory.

Botanist - Forgotten in Nepenthes
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