Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Shriekback - My Spine is the Bassline

I remember 1982 as being a pretty horrible era for music. Everywhere you went it was dreary synth pop and over-privileged new romantics. I was keeping my head down at the time, building oscillators and playing around with homemade electronic music. So it was that I failed to notice the emergence of Shriekback to join the new wave of funk bands such as A Certain Ratio and 23 Skidoo. They would go on to be more commercially successful than either, but I'm still partial to their earlier, more primitive recordings. Here's an early single, My Spine is the Bassline. Dave Allen's bass on this is incredible, it sounds as if it's digging through the audience like a JCB. It was originally a single on Y Records, which has to be one of the greatest small labels ever. It only lasted 3 years or so, but it saw releases from The Slits, The Pop Group, Sun Ra, Diamanda Galas, Steve Beresford, Pigbag and Shriekback. Crucial leftfield entertainment.

Shriekback - My Spine is the Bassline
(alternate download)</a.
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