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Negativland - Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Graham Kerr was a fixture of lunchtime television when I was little. His tv persona was the Galloping Gourmet, not because he had anything to do with horses, but for the distinctive way he lifted his heels as he ran around the studio. He was amiable in a naff and ineffective way, and comfortably posh.

How pioneering copyright warriors Negativland got hold of Kerr's recipe for perfect scrambled eggs I don't know. But here it is, narrated by the man himself, while the band punctuate it with dramatic musical sound effects. Horribly inappropriate musical sound effects. You would not believe how exciting it is to add eggs to melted butter. It's clearly an adventure of the highest magnitude. Lovely nonsense, from the 1987 compilation album Potatoes: A Collection of Folk Songs.

Negativland - Perfect Scrambled Eggs
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The Galloping Gourmet was BRILLIANT - I especially remember his party piece of chopping a carrot lightening-fast while looking at the camera. And at the end, he chose a little old lady (not sure if he ever chose a chap?) out of the audience to sit at the table on stage with him. Knocks today's sweary self-important TV chefs into a cocked (chef's) hat!