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Can't - Ride Like The Wind

There's a certain type of horror that's unique to American insular music. By this I mean the acts that while popular in the States, never made much of an impact in the rest of the world. There was a reason for this. I grew up as a horrified onlooker, looking from the outside as acts like Chicago, Kiss or Kenny Loggins sold inexplicable numbers of records. It was music of passionless beige fraudulency that wanted to turn the world guitar-shaped. I'm sorry America, I don't mean to pick on you. All nations had their own crimes against music, it's just that yours were more preposterous than most.

Can't is an alias of Jessica Rylan, and I suspect she feels the same way. In fact, it probably pains her all the more, as she is American. The original Ride Like The Wind is a particularly tepid adult-oriented-middle-of-the-contemporary-road number by Christopher Cross. This is that same original, but fucked about with to a most satisfying end. (I assume it's the Christopher Cross song. You'll forgive me if I'm unfamiliar with it and don't have the inclination to do that particular bit of research.) It sounds as if it's being played through a single blown-out speaker in an adjacent building, all hum and rumble and broken wire. It's given all the fidelity it deserves. Ride Like The Wind is a succinct act of musical revenge, and is taken from the 2003 release Can't Vs. The World.

Can't - Ride Like The Wind
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