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Fugue - Telemachus

Do you remember what it was like to hear Don Caballero1 for the first time? For me it was, "This is excellent! And people are calling it math rock? In that case math rock is excellent too."

Of course, it wasn't. The sad truth was that it proved to be a formula (albeit a difficult one) which dozens of bands would copy, bands with little in the way of imagination and much confidence in their own superiority. But it still excites me, even these days, to hear a good new band. Well, Fugue aren't new, and sadly they're no longer a band, but Telemachus from their 2009 EP Ancient Glass is a thing of quality. It's as taut as a well-tuned drum head, and sounds spring off it sometimes at delightfully unexpected angles. It could perhaps emphasise the rock half of the equation a bit more - there are definitely signs of something monstrous wanting to escape from this, but it's not quite there. Well worth a listen.

1. Or Hella, or whichever math rock band was around at the time.

Fugue - Telemachus
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