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Hanatarash - Frog Girl 90000

The internet has collapsed and is barely twitching. Speed, when it's present at all, is feeble. I blame it on all the 403 errors coming from My Bloody Valentine's website as billions of indie kids keep on hitting refresh to try to listen to their new album. Bloody Shields.

So here's something short. Very short. Hanatarash was Yamataka Eye's band before Boredoms, and were generally regarded as one of the most dangerous bands on the planet. None of your artistic danger here, no, we're talking actually risk of physical harm. Gigs included such spectacles as Eye running round with a powered-on circular saw strapped to his back, and a digger being driven through the wall of the venue and onto the stage. With that level of excitement going on around them it's perhaps too much to ask for the music to be good as well, but they certainly had their moments. No heavy machinery involved at all in the making of Frog Girl 90000 as far as I can tell, just 15 seconds of vocal blippery, spitting electric static, and a few notes of guitar. Offensive as fuck.

Hanatarash - Frog Girl 90000
(alternate download)