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Laurie Anderson - Walk The Dog

"Do you have O Superman by Laurie Anderson? I think it's only available on import."

The record shop guy laughed in my face, "I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about." To be fair, I heard that a lot from record shop guys. I had lost track of the number of blank looks I got while asking for Ooh Look, There Goes Concorde Again by ...And The Native Hipsters. "I think it's on Heater Volume Records," I would always add, helpfully.

So I had no reason to expect that this strange Laurie Anderson thing that John Peel had played the night before would be any different. My delight at receiving a copy four weeks later was only tempered by the fact that by then absolutely everyone else in the country had already heard it, so it didn't have so much of a cachet, and that it came in a plain white sleeve. I remember being very disappointed by that. I'd waited a month, I'd been there from day one, and I didn't even get a picture cover.

Well you all know O Superman, and if you don't stop reading and go listen to it. It's marvellous. The b-side was a rather batty piece with pitch-shifted vocals and a panoply of different sound effects called Walk The Dog. It's full of bounce and swing and black humour. There's a live version on Anderson's mammoth United States Live, but this track didn't resurface for many years, when it showed up as a bonus on the 25th anniversary reissue of Big Science. Don't miss it.

Laurie Anderson - Walk The Dog
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