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The Creatures - Wild Thing

Siouxsie and the Banshees were a lot blander than they pretended to be. It wasn't an offensive blandness, not by any means, but their music never lived up to their striking image. The best of her songs, numbers like Israel, were up there with Bowie's stuff. But as with Bowie, I was always suspicious of anyone who spent so much time dressing up. Whether that was a mistake I'm still not sure, but it certainly left in a position to be completely blindsided by the 1981 debut release by The Creatures.

They were Siouxsie and her drummer Budgie, and they played without any kind of melodic instruments at all. Every part of the tune had to be carried by Siouxsie's voice, and she did that by taking it to places far from the traditional harmonic path. Here's their cover of Wild Thing. It's frostier, more perverse, and far more sexual than it's been before or since. Fucking never sounded so good.

The Creatures - Wild Thing
(alternate download)



Back in the day there was some talk of, just as a bit of physical humor, going to a Souxsie gig, jumping on stage and punching her in the face, basically because we felt she went too heavy on the cosmetics. Just talk, I assure you. Sounded funny at the time.

Apparently they were "goth," as I learned just recently. I'd always thought that was the same thing as what we used to call "death rock," but apparently not.


And yes, I realize this probably wouldn't have ended well for the puncher. I guess it all comes down to how much a good laugh is worth to you.
That's so far from being a good laugh that I'm at a loss for words.


Probably my delivery. There's a reason I don't get paid.

Delivery, now there's a funny word.

No apologies, though.


Anyway, here’s a couple of words: anonimity and anomie. One begets the other. But I actually like Souxsie. Especially her early stuff.