Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Deep Listening Band - After Dinner With The Trogs

Pauline Oliveros, improvising accordionist and pioneer of deep listening, is perhaps not best known for her sense of humour. Calling a piece After Dinner With The Trogs might not seem to be the best evidence otherwise. It's taken from the Deep Listening Band's 1990 album Troglodyte's Delight, and you really couldn't get any further from '60s beat music than this. It's part of a set of deeply subdued performances recorded inside Tarpaper Cave in New York state. While the performance space certainly has some unique resonances that the band explore, it seems probable that the main reason the location was chosen was for the constant trickling of water running through the cave chamber. Not the sort of after dinner conversation you'd normally encounter outside a Buñuel film, but a fascinating performance nonetheless.

Deep Listening Band - After Dinner With The Trogs
(alternate download)
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