Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Human Ottoman - Robespierre's Crowning

In a post-Human Centipede world, there's a strong case to be made for never naming anything Human X ever again. Yet the Oregon trio Human Ottoman have, and we're left with the job of pretending that nothing is wrong and absolutely not laughing at all. Nor should we, as they're undoubtedly the finest cello/drums/vibraphone ensemble of the current day.

It's thematically playful stuff, mixing Eastern European modalities, jazz fusion, and just a hint of metal. That comes through strongly on the mighty (yet playful) Robespierre's Crowning where the treated vibes have an almost industrial edge to their sound. Mallet instruments get a lot of stick (haha) so it's terrific to hear something genuinely fresh and original being done with them. So much fun. From the 2014 album Power Baby.

Human Ottoman - Robespierre's Crowning

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