Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Coachwhips - You Gonna Get It

Monstrously loud. Hellishly distorted. The guitar, keyboard and drums are playing one tune and the feedback and complete breakdown of the recording equipment are playing another. That was the ferocious lo-fi garage punk of Coachwhips for you. Here's the magnificently unintelligible You Gonna Get It from their 2003 release Bangers vs. Fuckers. It'll tear your speakers a new one. Seriously. Don't store this mp3 in the same directory as your other mp3s, this will bleed through into them. It's like the digital equivalent of The Return of the Durutti Column. Don't blame me if your neo-folk collection starts getting distant powerchords all over it. Quarantine this shit, okay?

Coachwhips - You Gonna Get It

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